TV viewers of all ages suffer from the frustration of being unable to navigate the 50 or more buttons on the remote control supplied by their pay-TV providers. Inadvertently pressing “wrong” buttons can cause your TV to become unresponsive and “unwatchable”. The screen turns blue and then reads “No Signal” or HDMI-3.

When this happens, it is difficult (some find it impossible) to figure out the correct sequence of buttons you need to press to be able to return the TV to its prior setting. Viewers usually place a call to a family member or to their cable TV provider for help or simply decide to stop watching TV altogether.

This happens more than one million times a day!

Button Blocker® solves this problem. It snaps onto the remote control provided by your cable or satellite company quickly and easily and prevents users from physically being able to press unwanted buttons that can result in the TV going into limbo. It allows access only to the buttons that you use the most and not the ones you don’t. If any of the other buttons are needed, Button Blocker® can be removed quickly and refitted easily.

  • Custom designed cover fits like a second skin
  • Snaps on and off quickly and easily
  • Allows access only to the most commonly used buttons
  • Eliminates the stress caused by confusing Pay-TV remotes
  • Ideal for seniors and families with children!
Button Blocker® is not affiliated with any of the pay-TV service providers for which its use is intended.