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Button Blocker® to Exhibit at the 2016 Aging in America Conference

By March 14, 2016 No Comments

March 14, 2016
West Boylston, Massachusetts USA

Button Blocker® to Exhibit at the 2016 Aging in America Conference

Since its inception in 1954, the American Society on Aging has continuously supported improving the quality of life in older adults. This month, they will host the Aging in America Conference in Washington D.C. The Exhibit Hall opens on March 21, where AARP CEO Jo Ann Jenkins will be talking about her new book, Disrupt Aging. The following day, 3,000 professionals will be in attendance to share and learn about new ideas in the field of aging. In booth #201, next to AARP, Button Blocker® will be making its conference debut.

As a result of new features and more settings on the TV, the number of buttons on the remote control has increased substantially. Despite the growing trend of cord-cutting, people over 50 are still pay-TV’s most loyal customers. However, many seniors become frustrated when they press a wrong button, and do not know how to fix the TV. When this happens, they often have to ask someone for help, or simply walk away.

Button Blocker® solves this problem, by covering all but the most necessary buttons on the remote control. Button Blocker® snaps on and snaps off of the TV remote quickly and easily. With the cover in place, pressing the wrong button becomes an impossibility. Founder Jack McDaniel comments that “The Aging in America Conference is the perfect venue to exhibit Button Blocker®, since so many of these professionals encounter this problem daily. It is a simple solution to a common problem that affects both patients and their caregivers.”

Button Blocker, LLC is a single product startup company based out of West Boylston, Massachusetts. The company is responsible for designing, producing, and selling the product. Currently, Button Blocker® is available in regular and in glow in the dark for DirecTV, Comcast Xfinity, and Charter remote controls, with plans to expand this offering in the future.

Button Blocker® will be offering free samples for evaluation at their booth during the show.

For more information, please contact:

Jack McDaniel, Founder
Button Blocker, LLC
235 West Boylston Street
West Boylston, MA 01583
(508) 835-9000 x130